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Welcome to my homepage!

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Curriculum vitae

Picture of Mojmír FendekI was born on 26th March 1984 in Bratislava, Slovakia. My father is an economist and works at the Ministry of Culture (Slovakia). My mother is also an economist and works at the National Bank of Slovakia. I have two siblings. My older brother works at the Hewlett-Packard and my younger sister is studying to be a teacher at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, the Comenius University in Bratislava. I started to attend the elementary school in 1990 and finished it in 1998. In the third year I changed to a class with extented learning of Mathematics. I started to learn English in the fifth year. In 1998 I moved on to a grammar school at Bilíkova street in Bratislava. I continued to learn English there and also started to learn German. In May 2002 I graduated in following subjects: Mathematics, Slovak language, English language, Informatics with excellent grades. I successfully passed the exams for university studies at the Comenius University, faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, department of Informatics. I successfully finished university in June 2008 and received a university degree in Informatics (Mgr.). My hobbies and preferred fields of interests are Mathematics, Informatics, English, Physics (optic and astronomy), partly medicine. My favourite sports are soccer, cycling, turistics, cooking, baking and making miniature models of planes.

Skills and fields of specialization:

  • fluent speaking of English
  • aslo a little bit of German
  • software engineering
  • databases (MYSQL, POSTGRESQL)
  • webpages (HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XML schema)
  • webapplications (PHP, XSLT)
  • computers networks
  • design and optimalization of algorithms
  • paralell programming
  • distributed algorithms

Current projects:

  • Marcomage - free multiplayer on-line fantasy card game
MArcomage banner

Here is my e-mail contact information:

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